cloud diagramming


From diagram-based infrastructure construction to feasibility checks and deployment, Exoway provides an all-in-one visual platform for unparalleled time efficiency.

Main features

Design your cloud infrastructure with diagrams

Craft your infrastructure using components from the cloud catalog. Visualize every aspect of your setup with intuitive diagrams for enhanced understanding and management.

Generate YAML code seamlessly from your diagrams

Automatically generate YAML code from your configurations. Ensure consistency and accuracy in your deployments with our seamless code generation tools.

Predict your costs accurately in less than a minute

Get precise cost estimates for your infrastructure and workflows. Plan your budget effectively with detailed predictions.

Integrate with your code repository

Easily connect to your code repository from Exoway. Ensure smooth integration with your source control for efficient management and tracking of changes.

Deploy directly from Exoway

Execute your deployments directly from Exoway. Simplify the deployment process for a smooth transition from setup to production.

Optimize your CI/CD workflows

Automate and streamline your CI/CD workflows with powerful tools. Reduce complexity and save time managing your development and deployment processes.

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Design and visualize your infrastructure

The blueprint is at the core of Exoway. Think of an intuitive drag-and-drop system that allows you to build and visualize your architecture in real-time, using components from your provider.

Create your schema through drag-and-drop

Utilizing its whiteboard system, visualize your entire infrastructure and identify potential issues at a glance, even before deployment.

Cloud provider's resource repository

Exoway incorporates all components from the cloud provider into its repository. The two steps of diagram scheme and architecture construction are now seamlessly merged!

Schema consistency check

By integrating cloud-specific rules, the platform prevents potential compatibility issues between components during deployment.

One project, multiple environments

One blueprint equals one scheme equals one environment for dev, QA, staging, training, prod. Your project can include multiple blueprints for enhanced rights management and modifications.

Revision history

Need to backtrack? Exoway maintains a complete history of revisions made to your infrastructure. With just one click, restore the version that suits you best.

Ensure your infrastructure's feasibility

What's more frustrating than having to redo your infrastructure during deployment because theory doesn't translate into practice? Exoway puts an end to that.

Detecting potential issues

Our platform offers real-time detection of compatibility issues, errors, and potential failures in your infrastructure and code repositories.

Real-time cost assessment

Exoway seamlessly integrates with each cloud provider's official catalog, providing instant insights into your infrastructure costs.

Evaluating carbon footprint

Using cutting-edge algorithms based on researches, Exoway calculates the carbon footprint of your infrastructure based on cloud resource usage.

Boost collaboration with seamless interaction

Empower teamwork with our intuitive collaboration tools! Annotate diagrams, invite team members, and effortlessly manage access permissions. Plus, showcase your vision by exporting visuals as crisp JPGs for dynamic presentations.

Add detailed annotations

Unlock deeper insights by annotating each diagram component. Foster clearer communication and more effective collaboration with your colleagues.

Role-Based Access Control

Ensure smooth workflows by assigning tailored roles to team members. With Role-Based Access Control, streamline operations and minimize errors.

Export your schema (JPG)

Impress stakeholders with professionally crafted architecture snapshots. Download JPG images to captivate audiences in your next meeting.

Deploy in just a few clicks

Deploy your schema resources with confidence.

Deployment event log

Stay informed with real-time deployment status updates. Track statistics for each of your projects and swiftly identify anomalies.

Observability metrics integration

Effortlessly monitor vital metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk read/write, network I/O, and Kubernetes pod performance through seamless integration with your monitoring tool.

Simplified log tracking

Gain macro-level insights into your infrastructure logs with seamless integration with your preferred log management tool.

Secure your architecture with peace of mind

Last but not least: security, the cornerstone of DevOps!

Automated security analyses for code repositories

Each code repository undergoes automated security analysis, with reports sent to users to detect any existing system vulnerabilities.

Secured authentifications

We've integrated essential security features to safeguard your architecture, including mandatory two-factor authentication, recovery codes, and comprehensive account login history.

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